drone day reims, france 2018

when: saturday 26th of may 2018

where: tbd (get in touch if you have a place: @_gaeel_ or gaeel@nanoleptic.net)

what: come make and/or listen to some drone sounds

how: bring your ears and anything you need to make continuous sound

the plan is we meet up somewhere in the afternoon, and start droning for as long as feels good

drone is a form of music that is quite easy to participate in. the rigid structures of rythm and melody are set aside, and instead the focus is on the texture of the sound. this means anyone can drone, in fact my favourite drone piece isn't even intentional, it's very easy to accidentally drone

droning is ...
come drone with me

bandwidth permitting, i'll stream the droning at twitch.tv/gaeel

more info at droneday.org